LOreal Paris Color Riche Vernis

LOreal Paris Anti Breakout Facial Cleanser

LOreal Paris Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub

LOreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster

In preparation for this week’s post, I’d already begun segmenting away a sizable chunk of my bank balance for a makeup haul. And I’m pleased I did just that. Here’s what made the come home cut…

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Isha Moghe




G&M meet Isha, my friend. Isha meet G&M. I thought it was about time for some fresh meat round these parts, plus I was getting nosey to have a twitch into others makeup bags, so I thought why not get Isha into making an appearance. She thought she was being roped into a quick chat but soon got hauled into a half an hour-long conversation on all things beauty with me scribbing down her musings and snapping away on my camera. The things we do for friends, eh? My friend falls into the ‘normal’ category when it comes to makeup obsession levels, she’s not deemed a special case like myself. Her beauty arsenal fits comfortably into one drawer, her daily picks are housed in a reasonably sized bag and she has important things in life like food and clothes whereas I have a brimming lipstick tower. So here’s her beauty take including her lipstick collecting tendencies & tips for fellow dry skinned gals…

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If someone challenged me to build a shelter out of all the beauty products I own I could probably makeshift something that rivals my snug one bed flat. There’s a lot of the stuff and it’s growing by the day with no signs of stalling anytime soon, a makeup mountain if you will – you get the gist. So when a repurchase is made over the act of using up my long line of awaiting testers, it’s a big deal. The product in question surpasses HG status and is deemed a ‘staple’ – definition: a dash to the nearest outlet stocking said ‘staple’ product occurs when the last blob, squeeze or brush is noted – which is exactly what happened yesterday when I went supermarket sweep style in the aisles of Phoenix. So welcome this trio into the stash staple line-up…

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I’ve whittled down my hair care harem to a head-pleasing edit – but there’s a problem. The pinnacle of achieving undone ‘I-swear-I-haven’t-touched-it’ locks with a swoosh load of volume rests on a rather purse-weeping purchase, Bed Head’s After Party Cream. You’ve no doubt heard me go on about the volume-injecting properties of this little can of goodness before. But since my hair has grown, my longer do is just lapping up the stuff and at Rs.900 for the bad boys (I’ve gone through two of these, lets not do the maths), it’s becoming quite the pricey habit. Here’s the justification…

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Rimmel Airy Fairy Maybelline POW1

I loved Science at school. The mixing of elements, the dissections, the melting of pen lids in the Bunsen burners – I kid, I kid, let’s stick to the whole ‘mixing of elements’ thing for the purpose of this post. Sometimes getting your mix on can bring out the best of two products; toning down a bold lip to an everyday tolerance level. Case. In. Point…

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High-shine, glass-like nails seem to be the nail nod right now. The shinier the better is the mantra. Repeating this saying in my head while perusing Lifestyle, I stumbled across the Revlon counter that was crammed with their Parfumerie Nail Enamels. Eyes lit up, I bundled two in the basket and have been admiring my nails, so reflective I can almost see my face in them, since. Here’s a bit of backstory; every gal who I’ve quizzed on their lacquer choice recently has credited the Revlon Parfumerie Polishes and sung their praises. So here’s my report.

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And so the lip product cycle turns again. High coverage lippies were swapped for glassy glosses back in the 2000s, only for a shift back to opaque lipsticks to kick in again in more recent years, but now we’re hungry for a more lighter kind of offering; a slick of a sheer pigment for the lips and they’re flooding the beauty halls right now. And with good reason too – what’s there not to love? A bullet that delivers equal amounts of gloss and colour, they’re easy to throw on, require minimum top-up attention and the demi-gloss finish ticks all the right boxes for daytime use. Here are the top 2 sheers that reign supreme in my stash.

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