A Budget Mascara Spree

I have always been a fan of mascaras (particularly ones on the middle of the price scale) – but recently my obsession reached a dizzying height when I counted a monster 11 mascaras on my collection, based on my estimations that a full tube lasts around 4 months if you use it everyday – that means I have nearly enough to last me through the next 4 years! Good God, I think it’s time for me to stop!

But before I did my little mascara audit, I indulged in another 2 mascaras…..oops

The first one, is what I would deem a ‘necessary’ purchase. I love my Rimmel BoldCurves and have recently touted it as my all time favourite mascara – it gives the lashes a nice medium, yet natural looking curl and has great lasting power. But the tube had started to get a touch too dry for my lashes, in fact I was starting to look a little silly when I wore it. So a repurchase was on the cards and when I spotted it on a blog sale, I jumped at the chance to grab it! So I managed to get a tube and I am now a very happy chappy.

The second purchase was probably less ‘necessary’, but last week I finally got round to meeting one of my best friend and we had a little wander around Lifestyle. For some reason Lifestyle always brings out the worst in me spending wise, I don’t go there often and there are loads of counters that I don’t have near me so I always feel the need to buy something. And this visit was no different 😉 I did only purchase one thing, and it was something that had been on my wishlist for a while – Rimmel Maxlash VolumeFlash Mascara. This is something that I always see mentioned as a ‘celebrity favourite’ and is one of those ‘your lashes but better’ formulas. I have to say I have been loving it so far, but keep an eye out for an in-depth review soon 🙂