A Side Order of Rings

Because all good nail polish looks better with a ring side accompaniment, right? Well I was a little lacking on the ring front; not being too into jewellery, my collection contained a handful of chunky necklaces, one watch and a few odds and sod rings that I’ve purchased as impulse buys when they adorn the checkout – Forever 21 I’m looking at you. But with a feeling to get a little funky with fingertip jewels in my belly I set out on a mission to add to my stash and add to my stash I did with new rocks from Ayesha Accessories, Accessorize and Koovs. So without further ado from left to right on Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in Drama Sheen painted pinkies we have:

An old black ring from Ayesha Accessories, one flower shaped ring from Accessorize a long while back, a snake shaped ring from Koovs, white stone set in off-silver also from Accessorize, a leaf band from Forever 21, the second from the flower ring set from Accessorize, a blood red rock seated in yellow metal from Amazon. All sported together it can look a little ‘fortune teller in the wagon’ but I kinda like it. Or for a safe bet just three slipped onto various fingertips makes the perfect polish pairing.