A Trip to Maybelline

trip to maybelline

When something big happens in my life, I treat myself to a ‘commemorative’ lipstick. It’s true. I finish my last exams at college and end up walking through the checkouts with Rimmel’s Summer 2011 Collection in my hand, I graduate and a Faces Go Chic Lipstick is mine, every Diwali I pick myself up a Revlon lipstick. OK perhaps the last example is a little tenuous, but you see where I’m going here – I like any old excuse to pick up a lipstick. With my brother’s impending plans to fly the nest and move out (which has rapidly swooped into a slot next month) and my Dad’s Birthday (which was last week, eek), I figured that was enough justification to treat myself to a Maybelline lipstick or two…

I’ve had a lemming for the Color Show lipsticks for a long while now, but have always been put off by complaints of poor lasting power, but you know when it’s just something you need to give a go for yourself? And with my wishlist growing it was time to take the plunge. I’m sure a spree in the Phoenix Mills Lifestyle outlet wasn’t the best way to celebrate my brother’s impending grown-up doom of bills and a severe lack of disposable income but ya know it’s tradition. First up on my list was Burgundy Blend, a maroon tinged red. This may not be the most seasonal of colours right now, but I’m planning on rocking it anyway. Also making the cut is the Bold Matte Lipstick in MAT3 an old offering. There’s been quite a buzz about this shade, everyone loves a bright orange don’t they. Fiery and bold enough not to look too dull but with an interesting almost coral tone it’s a nice shade for the cooler months.

So times are a changing people and the lipsticks are accumulating. Haha, any excuse for a new beauty purchase, eh!?