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1. Pampering my skin thanks to Nivea 2. Lamenting over my finished lip balm 3. My current favourite lipstick 4. Found my Benetint! 5. A Nykaa Gooey Marshmallow manicure 6. Rocking MAC All That Glitters

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Who doesn’t love a pretty pouch? Zipped up and just waiting to be stuffed to the seams with makeup goodies. I think beauty bags are perhaps the only items in my possession that rival my foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB Cream collection, I actually own a bag of bags, anyone else have that? Today I’m breaking it down and intro-ing you to 3 favourites; some new, some old faces. Or if you’re stuck for gift-inspo for any of the women in your life, these may be worth pondering a purchase of…

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1. Finished my Forest Essentials Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm 2. Mac Dubonnet 3. Found my Benetint 4. Nykaa manicure using Gooey Marshmallow from their Sprinkles range. 5. Playing with MAC All That Glitters 6. My favourite lip combo EVER!

And if you like following me on Instagram my username is glossandmagic. Hope you all have a good week!!

My Instagram feed is alive with the sound of bold lip posts and I’m loving it. When summer season comes around who doesn’t love to dust off the reds and slick ’em on (only for them to be forcibly removed by copious chocolate munching an hour later)? Yeah, me too. Pair it with a slick looking base, lashings of mascara, but something’s missing…..blush. Just what cheek colour do you throw on with a rouge lip to stop things looking like you’re channeling your inner tomato head? Well, I’m proposing that it’s all about the ‘no-worry blush’, pinky tans that flatter all skin-tones, perk things up and don’t interfere with what you’ve got going on lip-wise. Here are 3 of my favourites…

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So I think I’m finally getting there with eyeliner. Over the years my struggle with the stuff has been a well documented one (see here), but I’ve really got to grips with a well-known tip that’s helped me master the feline flick. It’s nothing new and is a process I’ve proposed before but the tools and technique have just clicked into place and it’s now a look that I feel comfortable throwing on in a 5 minute window (before I needed more like 35 and the time it took to re-do my eye makeup from scratch 3 times on the clock).

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  1. MAC Dubonnet, 2. Finding my new Benetint, 3. Nykaa Gooey Marshmallow on the nails, 4. With MAC All That Glitters on my peepers, 5. My favourite lip combo, 6. My before & after with makeup.

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Shu Uemura Curler Review

This is my first Shu Uemura curler and it did not disappoint! To start, I went with this one in particular because I saw Tati use it on her YouTube channel. I had to have it. The best part is this is hands down the best eyelash curler I have EVER used and I have used so many! Every damn curler I have bought always seems to pinch my eyelids because I’m trying to curl as close as possible to the root of my lashes. I’m not new to at using an eyelash curler, so curling my eyelashes shouldn’t be so difficult or painful.

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