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I think it’s fair to say that I pull the contents of my whole beauty wishlist and wishlist-turned-purchases from the Internet. From other bloggers, from the comments under my posts, a copious amount of YouTube viewing, enabling tweets alerting me that I need something/a product I’ve wishlisted has come back into stock/sale items that it would be rude to not take advantage off, etc etc. I love ’em. And take your recommendations in like a super absorbent sponge that likes to go shopping, so I thought I’d tap into them a little further and see what gems you would suggest for some slots that are currently unfilled in my stash…

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Raising the roof with another no-makeup, how-many-products-can-I-cut-it-down-till-it’s-zero no makeup look; yep, I’m doing it. I just can’t help myself. But after a peruse through the archives last week it’s never been clearer that I’m in the grips of a minimal makeup moment. Less is more and all that and right now I’m embracing the sheen more than ever – no powder in sight just glow-givers and a slick of that ol’ fave Lakme’s Skin Gloss Cream. It may just look like every other makeup I’ve snapped and clicked publish on *cough* it is *cough*, but there are some newer acquisitions in there which are really rather good. Hear me out…

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A deep burgundy lipstick?! I know, are you sitting down? On paper, the Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick in Burgundy Business and a peachy lip lover like myself look like we wouldn’t get on. But you know what, I loove it. Matte, opaque and just the right tooth-whitening, lip popping flash of berry, I see this becoming quite the sunshine’s out shade for me. If this was sheer, I’m not sure I’d be as hot on it. But the fact that one quick swipe coats on just the right amount of a your lips but a burgundier hue and leaves them feeling nicely nourished, I’m in. It almost reminds me of the shade you get when you’ve a kala khatta gola – not too crazy. Mascara: required, the rest of your makeup: optional.

I picked mine up from a rather fruitful Health & Glow trip. At Rs.365 it’s the cheapest pick of the pack, and for berry summer lips, I’m sorted.

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The body shop honeymania hand cream

the body shop bath glove

Sometimes the whole two-hour long weekend pamper extravaganza just isn’t feasible. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So in my head I’ve got saved four five minute fix routines that I work through when time is a little thin on the ground. Sometimes I tote them up into a 20 minute speed sesh or I just focus my TLC on one area and then I’m free to cuddle up on the sofa with Harvey, Mike and Baskin and Robbins in no time at all (sorry got Suits on the brain still, season 5 is being devoured at lightning speed)…

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One good thing about writing a blog is that it works like a diary, documenting my makeup menus from week to week and acting as a bit of a time capsule for my cosmetics tastes. Every now and again I like to take a peruse through – ignoring the crappy copy 😉 – and see what I was sporting on my face back in the day. Old favourites are often rediscovered, some choices cringed at and the fact that I’m always going to be a neutral makeup gal is as bright as as day. Here’s a beauty blast from the past compared to a more recent offering…

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Well I am always going on about how vulnerable hair is when it’s dry and so for me the Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush* is an absolutely brilliant tool to add to my arsenal of hair styling tools and products. Here’s the low-down:

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There are a few rituals I partake in each time I take a visit to Phoenix. I smell The Body Shop Cocoa Lotion, groan, then remember that I’ve too many lotions at home negating the need for it. I then attempt to colour match myself to L’Oreal’s True Match Le Crayon Correcteur, promptly give up and turn to swatching every single shade of the Faces Glam On Colour Perfect Lipsticks up my arm. More often than not I can’t decide between the shades with about five of them hovering on the edge purchase. Before something silly happens I walk away and turn my attention to something else. But with a bit of encouragement on Twitter, one was pushed into the basket, along with an old Faces favourite and out I walked from my most recent Phoenix jaunt with a bounce in my step and a bag of F.C goodness.

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