To Bang or Not To Bang?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not that adventurous when it comes to my tresses. It took me about two years of umm-ing and ahh-ing to work up the courage to get an ombre and take my first foray into hair dye, but back in the day though I may have been precious about its length I was quite daring in the fringe department. I had them all; from swept-to-the-side affairs to full on blunt-cut eyelash skimmers and the standard between washes ‘wide tooth comb’ look. It’s been a few years since I rocked any of the aforementioned but there’s something in the air that’s tempting me back to the bang side. So I thought I’d assemble together a makeshift pros and cons list to weigh up my options:

PROS: Alexa Chung has a fringe, kind of. And so does Kendall Jenner. Both are babes. A good fringe hides unkempt eyebrows. Fringes look super cool with ponytails. All completely valid reasons, non?

CONS: Fringes are like unwanted hair – something you need to tend to but never do resulting in you looking a bit werewolf like – a.k.a. hard work. My fringes in the past had to be washed daily (though I did devise a good ‘cleaning over the sink’ routine). My two fringe idols are also both models. Damn.

Yep I’m still undecided, but with my finger hovering over the call button to my hairdresser, who knows what will happen? So – are you a banger or not?