BeYu Beauty

If you haven’t heard of BeYu (cue ‘have you been living under a rock?’ line) then I’ll give you the back story. Short for ‘Be Yourself,’ BeYu sells 500 cosmetic aids in 40 countries and these are available in India since April 10 across 150 outlets, including top-end general trade stores and large trade chains like Health & Glow, Central, Lifestyle and NewU. And here’s what I’ll be testing – BeYu Black Mirror Long-lasting Eye Liner*.

I adore the idea of wet look lacquer liner – there is something about super black glossiness around the eyes that really appeals to me. And this does have a lovely lacquer finish. I like!

It is hard to capture the lacquer effect without seeing it move, but it does have a nice shine that you can build up in layers. It lasts well too and so it’s a thumbs up for performance as well.

I absolutely love the texture of this liner. It is smooth and glossy and literally glides on with the fine brush. It is actually much easier to to apply to the eye than it is to swatch. A word of warning though – because it is so glossy, it pays to keep your eyelid closed for a few seconds to let it dry. Otherwise it will transfer, especially if you have hooded eyes. Once it is set though, you’re safe to blink as much as you please! And it really does deliver an amazing lacquer-like finish.

It is densely pigmented and glides on like a dream! Now if only I had a steadier hand and a makeup artist’s technique! There is definitely room for improvement…

I’m really pleased with this liner. If you want a bit of dramatic impact then this certainly delivers.

*PR Sample