I LOVE Bio-Oil. If it wasn’t ~Rs.400 for a small bottle, I would like literally bathe in it. I know it’s not ‘natural’ by any means – it’s definitely fragranced and coloured and has stuff in it other than just oils. And yeah, one of the first ingredients is mineral oil…but this stuff works.

It’s definitely not a dry oil, but it does absorb relatively quickly, and when it does it leaves my skin feeling SO soft. And if you’re worried about it causing break outs or clogging your pores, mineral oil is actually considered to be a noncomedogenic oil. I also have this horrendous habit of trying to squeeze out ingrown hairs on my legs and the tiny bumps on my arms. I don’t do it all the time anymore, but when I do, I make sure to put extra amounts of this stuff on the area, and I swear that all signs of my skin abuse disappear within a day.

Like I said, it’s not a mixture of pure oils or anything, but there is actually some really good stuff in there.