Brands that Bring it Across the Board

It dawned on me the other day that if I was to be put on the spot and asked to pinpoint my favourite beauty brand ever, I would probably end up ummm-ing and ahhh-ing for a good five minutes before concluding with a confused shrug. So deep I know. I can only imagine it’s like picking a favourite child (I kid, I kid). Though there are some brands who bring it across the board and who don’t really disappoint whatever product I decide to try and buy from them. So here they are; four G&M-approved suggestions that would be front runners for the aforementioned question…

Maybelline: This might seem like a little off-piste choice for me, but after mulling it over I’ve just been really impressed with most things that they launch these days. They really seem to bring it when it comes to base; offering one of the most popular budget micellar water in the aisles, a mascara that resides in most people’s stash somewhere and awesome powders. Don’t even get me started on their lipsticks…

Best bits: Micellar Water, Lash Sensational Mascara, Clearsmooth All in one Light Pressed Powder, Coloursensational Lip Colour in Copper Brown and their Matte version.

Lakme: If push came to shove this brand would probably win the award for top dog. In fact I think I’ve touted it as my top choice before. Offering one of the best tinted moisturisers out there and in a pretty good colour range (which they’re planning to extend), Lakme is pretty much the Queen of the au naturale makeup approach. My Mum’s a fan of their eyeshadows, my best friend loves their lipsticks and me? Well I’m partial to a Gel Stylist or two.

Best bits: Absolute Gel Stylist in Coral Rush, 9to5 Matte Lip Colour in Burgundy Business, Enrich Satin Lip Colour in BM10, Eyeconic Kajal, CC Colour Transform Cream.

BeYu: This brand is a new-ish discovery to me and almost like pared down Lakme, BeYu bring a sheer and subtle beauty approach to the table. Exactly what I like to see. Nothing too wowzer going on colour-wise, just enhancing colours and natural textures that have that whole ‘no makeup, makeup’ thang down. I’m currently coveting the Pure Colour & Stay Lipstick in Aloha Coral, but their Hydro Star Volume is always up there as a fave.

Best bits: Black Mirror Long Lasting Liner, Colour Catch Eye Palette, Hydro Star Volume Lipstick in 366, Cashmere Lip Colour Matt in Red Lobster.

MAC: Another brand that might seem like an odd choice, but on reflection it’s one I turn to quite often, especially when it comes to colour. Their lipstick and eyeshadow offerings rock and their range for complexion isn’t half bad either (one day I will get my hands on their Studio Finish Concealer *shakes fist in the air*). Keep an eye out for their eyeshadows – they tend to disappear from the shelves promptly after release but are ah-mazing.

Best bits: Amber Lights Eyeshadow (or any of their eyeshadows for that matter), Blacktrack Liner, All Fired Up Lipstick, 217 Brush