Burgundy Lips, Sorted

A deep burgundy lipstick?! I know, are you sitting down? On paper, the Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick in Burgundy Business and a peachy lip lover like myself look like we wouldn’t get on. But you know what, I loove it. Matte, opaque and just the right tooth-whitening, lip popping flash of berry, I see this becoming quite the sunshine’s out shade for me. If this was sheer, I’m not sure I’d be as hot on it. But the fact that one quick swipe coats on just the right amount of a your lips but a burgundier hue and leaves them feeling nicely nourished, I’m in. It almost reminds me of the shade you get when you’ve a kala khatta gola – not too crazy. Mascara: required, the rest of your makeup: optional.

I picked mine up from a rather fruitful Health & Glow trip. At Rs.365 it’s the cheapest pick of the pack, and for berry summer lips, I’m sorted.