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During a rambling conversation with my Dad that covered topics such as our favourites from The Big Band Theory (me – Penny, him – Sheldon) & tripods – exciting stuff, he told me that he’d got into a chat with one of my cousins who I haven’t seen for ages (shout out to Vaidehi!), about my blog. She said she loved having a read (thanks girl!), but did have one snippet of feedback – could I talk about cheaper products every now and again. She said she loved to treat herself but likes to be able to grab a beauty bargain on a more regular basis and would love to see what I’d recommend purchasing on such a trip. Well I’m all for some constructive feedback so here it is, a new category – ‘The Budget Buy’! Now these might not be the most regular of the features on the blog cause I want to make sure I’m bringing you the best of the budget edit, but I’ll aim to keep everything under a grand – cheap, cheerful and easy on the purse. For the first installment, two absolute gems from Maybelline…

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