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  1. My current nail polish loves! 2. FOTD! 3. A Nutella brownie for dinner with the bestie 4. Continuing with my love for bar food 5. An orange eyeshadow IGTV 6. Saturday night glam reel

And if you’d like to follow me on Instagram my username is ‘glossandmagic’. Hope you all had a good week, wasn’t it lovely and yay for the weekend! I’m off to a pizza party tonight!

Last week I spoke about how to look well put-together after a big night, but what about the prep that needs to happen before the big night in question? It’s ALL about the prep when it comes to wanting to look like a million bucks. Now this routine isn’t something I do every day (ain’t no one got time for that!) but for the one odd occasion where I do need to look *fancy* than my usual hair-in-a-bun & track-pants look. A good one to pull before any big event, no matter the occasion, I’ve got you covered 😎

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As it’s just a few days to go for the Day of Love, I thought why not share some love in this part of the internet. So here are all the details of all the guys & girls who have my heart in the beauty world.

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  1. My first attempt at a Reel transition, 2. I’ve been LOVING highlighters lately, 3. NOTD – Kiko Milano Light Satin Beige, 4. Lipstick roulette!, 5. Pizza party, 6. Visited Grandmama’s Cafe after a long time.

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One of the most common questions I get asked is “I want to shop at Nykaa, what should I get?” My answer to that would be my whole damn blog could serve as Nykaa shopping inspiration but today I thought ‘why not get a bit specific?’ So this is my attempt to answer that question to my best abilities. I’m imagining a scenario where maybe you’ve got a ₹5,000 gift card or an equivalent amount set aside to go crazay on that website.

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If I had to name my 5 favourites things in the world then chocolate fudge would be on the list right behind Zachary Levi, Ganpati festival and family (perhaps not in that exact order). Especially the super gooey, melt-in-your-mouth ones. I’ve never tried making anything like this before and was very excited to try a chocolate based recipe. Surprisingly it turned out well & I thought maybe you guys would love to try it as well.

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  1. Lunch 2. Loving my American Eagle sandals 3. Aviator sunglasses 4. My makeup brush mug 5. Just chilling with Mostly Sane 6. Cleansing time!

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