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If you shop in the beauty aisle, you know that ‘affordable’ doesn’t have to be synonymous with ‘cheap.’ One exceptional brand that proves this is Lakme. The iconic company was founded in 1952 by JRD Tata. Bases, colour – even skincare feature in their lineup – Lakme has got every step completely covered. Having swatched, marvelled and swooned over it all, I’ve cut it down to my three favourites. Show and tell time

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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual equipment

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual essential tools

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual face

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual 10 Step Guide to Perfect Makeup

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual artistry

When I Instagrammed a picture of this book not so long ago, a flurry of lovey dovey messages came in. And I can see why. Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual was an addition to my birthday list way back in 2014. I literally begged my brother to buy it for me (thanks Yash!) and spent half my weekend studying the pages of it. There is just something about this book that gives it that ‘once you picked it up you won’t want to put it down’ quality. It’s a few years old now and the bevy advice available when you put fingertip to keyboard is certainly snapping at its heels but the words penned by the Queen of blush, concealers and a hefty dose of eyeliner herself – Bobbi – it can’t really be topped as the best ‘all-rounder’ beauty book (if you think it can, then please drop a comment below). Whether you’re yet to pop it on your birthday list or you like having a re-read here are my top pages to ruminate over:

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I’m pretty sure the Innisfree Volcanic Clay Mousse Masks take the trophy for most frenzy-inducing beauty launch of the year. Stock that flew off the shelves leading to a month-long manhunt to find one and a bevy of rave reviews that followed. Of course I caved and purchased the Super (almost planting a kiss on the counter girl when she handed it over). Sure I liked it. But with its launch coinciding with that of the Avene Cleanance collection, I didn’t pay it my full attention, with Cleanance becoming my new skin beau.

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vlcc double power neem facial

The festive season is just around the corner, making right now the perfect time to start preparing our skin for the glitz and glamour of all those Diwali parties. There’s much more to skincare than just the products we use – everything from our diets to our stress levels can trigger skin sensitivity, which is why I’ve put together this handy checklist. Take a look at my top tips and say hello to gorgeously healthy, glowing skin!

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When the general question of ‘What beauty bits should one pick up when in the US?’ is thrown out there, there’s a high chance that a large percentage of the replies will contain ‘Kiko’. To us on the other side of the world it’s a brand that’s sorta come from nowhere. Being just launched in India, it seems they produce a kick-ass blush line (the Smart Colour Blush, just incase you’ve been sleeping under a rock- the shade Biscuit goes down as my favourite blush shade, ever) and have been on the up since. Their foundations, concealers, bronzers and the rest always seem to crop up in a positive light and I’ve been itching to get my hands on some more bits. So today I’ve rustled up 3 speed reviews on my newest Kiko discoveries…

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lash curling how to

To follow on from last week’s ode to the little bundles of lashline oomph-ing joy, individual lashes, in the second part of my two-part lash loving special I’m talking curled lashes. Now there’s not really any new ground to cover here; my tips, tricks and crimping favourites have all in some way or another leaked into posts, but I thought I’d group them together in a conglomerate of all things curled: a definitive guide to a full-on flutter.

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individual lashes application

I do love lashes. So I thought I’d put together lash loving two-parter; today an ode to the faux ones, tomorrow it’s all about an au naturale curl. A few years back I was all for the mantra of ‘the bigger the better’, but now I struggle to apply then without a vast gap between my lashline and the band creating a very interesting, though not so desirable effect. But, that’s not to say I’ve completely given up on faux flutters. Individual lashes that can be put on in a matter minutes to pump up your lashline have become my new weapon of choice. A five minute fix for a feline eye, that can be wiped away with one soaked sweep of Bioderma. Simples. Plus when applied well no one will be able to spot them. It can be our little secret. 😉

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