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Streamlining Your Travel Kit skincare

Streamlining Your Travel Kit makeup

You know I have a bit of thing when it comes to travelling with beauty bits. Over the years through stints at college, home and travelling back and forth across the country to friends and family I’ve got packing down and slept on some rather interesting ‘beds’ in the process. But last weekend on a trip to stay with my grandparents I managed my biggest feat yet. Every single beauty-related item I needed for those two days was squeezed and sealed into my rather averagely sized clutch: body bits, hair, skincare, makeup, the lot. I ended up taking so little back with me that I packed it all down into my handbag; no suitcase required. Now the brief for the weekend was ‘chillax’ meaning that I didn’t need any fancy products, nor garb aside from a pair of comfy PJ’s. Still, I’m impressed. Next time you’re off for a low-key weekend away here’s what you actually need:

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The Makeup Manual by Lisa Potter-Dixon

The Feelgood Plan by Dalton Wong & Kate Faithfull-Williams

Younger Skin Starts in the Gut by Dr Nigma Talib

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown

Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown

Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart

If you’re a regular scroller on G&M you know by now that I’m partial to a good beauty read. I rarely manage to switch my brain to mute when it comes to the cosmetics world and that does include when I’m snuggled up, head on pillow about 20 minutes prior to deep slumber. In fact it’s perhaps the time at which it is most active given the current wad of makeup-filled pages that are overcrowding my bedside table. There’s barely room for my lamp. So this weekend I thought I’d mull over and share the best of my beauty reads.

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Deborah Milano Nail Polish in 54 Amaranth

MyGlamm Two of Your Kind Nail Enamel Duo in True Blue and Confetti

Kiko Milano Smart Nail Lacquer in 02 Satin Light Beige

Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer in Green Haze

Faces Hi-Shine Nail Enamel in Molten Rust

A ‘Winter Beauty Edit’ is in the works, but while you pace impatiently for that I thought this weekend I’d share my favourite mani shades that are top of my pile right now. The pastel hues of summer have long been gone on my tips and for the past few weeks the following five have been on repeat – along with a handful of others that deserve dedicated blog posts of their own. Keep an eye out for those. Any guesses? But I do love a dark nail. Toe or finger? Heck I lacquer up both with the stuff. So here’s my serving of my winter mani must-haves:

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You know me by now – I love a good beauty blog. Up in there in my list of my favourite activities along with eating, sleeping, completing my skincare routine, watching Modern Family etc etc is having a bit of one-on-one time with my laptop and gorging on a hefty serving from my blogger feed. So this weekend I thought I’d share 10 of my best beauty reads that I don’t really feel ready to complete my day until I’ve got my daily dose from. Get comfy, set a few hours aside and get ready to peruse…

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Let’s talk about fitness. I know, *insert collective groan*. But you know it all links up – beauty, fitness, food – all work together like a well oiled machine when you’re top of your game but when going to town on a pack of Pringles while your sneakers gather dust is a daily occurrence – not so much. I’m obviously speaking from experience with the latter, but over the past few months I’ve been trying to ramp up my activity to more than just bending over to pick up a tub of Baskin & Robbins’ out of the freezer and actually doing something that makes me sweat. And boy do I sweat. I mentioned a while back that I was easing myself into running. Well after coming close to vomiting on my doorstep on a few too many occasions I decided to regroup and I think I’ve found a routine that works for me. I’m only a month in, but hear me out on this one…

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It may just be my current love for MasterChef but I can’t seem to peel myself away from the kitchen at the moment. That’s not a bad thing mind you; there’s always some spaghetti if you’re feeling hungry and dinners have been getting a little more adventurous (you want to see a ‘Day in Food’?) and it means that I’ve been getting a little more experimental DIY beauty-wise. So this weekend I thought I’d focus on the latter and bring you the results of three DIY beauty tricks I’ve been giving a go…

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It’s time to send my nails to rehab. Years of countless paint jobs have left them looking a little rundown. Too easily breakable, thin and (heads up for a TMI comment) a little flakey. I know, quite the mental image I’m conjuring up there. It wasn’t until I was chatting to my mom the other day about beauty bits and how awesome her nails were looking that something clicked. She hasn’t worn polish for months and is now the proud owner of some hardy nail beds. She used to suffer with the flakey ends like mine, but since her lacquer vacay, no more. So it’s time for me to take a varnish holiday too and this weekend I thought I’d breakdown my new mani mantras for you…

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