Current Lipstick Love

Current lipstick love swatch

I tried to think of some ‘witty’ title for this post but with no avail. ‘Current Lipstick Love’ gets right to the point doesn’t it 😉 If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I go through phases with lipstick; sometimes I can’t get enough, other times I prefer to ditch the lipstick pile on the gloss (Revlon Brown Sugar is my glossing weapon of choice). But recently I have been re-embracing my sizeable lipstick collection. Ones like Rimmel Alarm and Faces Black Cherry will always be at the top of the pile, but my new love is a lipstick that has been hanging around for a while, over a year actually (naughty) – it’s Rimmel Burgundy Shine.

I purchased this lipstick all the way back in May 2013 from NYC. A moisturizing formulation, it is a shimmer-free, lightly pigmented that applies a soft colour that is easy to build up. The colour itself is not a million miles away from the usual tones that I go for – a peach with a hint of brown. I know it is cruel to rave about a long-gone limited edition product but you can get the same sort of colour from Rimmel Dusty Mauve, although it lacks Burgundy Shine’s slightly rosy tones.

Oooo you got to love a messy hair photo 😉 Prior to this my hair had been clumped on top of my head in a rather attractive ‘pineapple’ like appearance – noice! I just love the effect of this lipstick. It’s just the perfect – ‘my lips but better colour’ lol! Not too red based, and not too unnatural looking – perfecto! What is your go-to lipstick? If you fancy more of a peachy-toned lip, Rimmel Burgundy Shine comes highly recommended, that is probably my favourite lipstick of all time. Right that is more than enough rambling about lipstick for today 🙂