Dazzle That Sphinx

Chambor Eyeshadow Trio in Dazzling Sphinx

You might be bored of neutral eyeshadow palettes, but how about dazzling neutrals?! Well one word can make all the difference! I have the Chambor Eyeshadow Trio Palette in Dazzling Sphinx here to show you. So if you don’t have a neutrals palette you love, which is a highly unlikely scenario for many beauty junkies, then this one is worth a look because it has a mix of finishes and a nice non-neutral to make things a little bit interesting.

Now, the thing is, I have countless neutral eyeshadow palettes. I have neutral eyeshadow palettes that I know I have forgotten about! However, what I like about this is the fact that the matte on the right has been formulated to smooth the lids and give them a flawless appearance. This probably isn’t something you need to consider if you love your lids, but if you want them to look smoother and more perfected then this palette is one to consider. I love shimmer eyeshadow, but I also know that matte is supposed to be more flattering if the skin on your eyelids isn’t so smooth. Problem is, I find some matte eyeshadows to be chalky and dry-looking and they can actually accentuate any creases and lines.

I find you can use the the matte in this palette to create a lovely base for the subtles shimmer shades and you can create really nice depth and shape to the eyes, whilst keeping your lids looking lovely and smooth. The shimmer shades are a soft shimmer – the type that doesn’t accentuate crepey skin! I love all three shades. Some of them don’t come up so well in the swatch, like the first and center one, but they actually do a great job with the texture of my lids. I love the last one – such a great take on neutral.

Chambor Eyeshadow Trio Palette in Dazzling Sphinx is Rs.595.