Deborah Milano Amaranth

Another week, another dark ‘insert colour here’ nail polish love. This time around it’s Deborah Milano’s Amaranth; a colour that I’ve been unable to erase from my memory since I spotted it on my friend’s tips. I swore I’d never dip into Deborah Milano lacquers again with their low quality, high price rep but this colour? Well I can’t resist.

The colour does what it says on the tin and takes the medal for most stereotypical winter shade. I like it equally on the toes or tips. Two coats does the job and it’s the kind of shade that blends in with whatever monochrome ensemble I’ve thrown on. In regards to quality, this colour isn’t the worst from Deborah Milano I’ve tried; it layers on well and lasts three/four days before things begin to look too chippy which is pretty standard for me and I’m struggling to find a dupe in my collection (though Lakme Berry Business is probably the closest). See? A completely justified purchase.