Downing Tools


Over the past few weeks two events independently occurred that got the cogs in my beauty brain turning. While packed onto the train I flicked through Cosmopolitan Magazine and came across a rather inspiring article on how to bunk off brushes and apply our makeup with our fingers, palms and tips instead. ‘Intriguing‘, I thought, filed the mag for future reference and ended up reaching for my ol’ faithful Real Techniques the following morning. Then over the weekend, while piled onto a bus I watched agog for a full 15 minutes while a fellow passenger blended and smudged on her daily face without a brush in sight and the end result looked awesome. So out aforementioned Cosmopolitan Magazine came from storage and here’s the tale of a Buffing Brush-free, hands-on makeup application…

Face cleansed, hands washed I sat in front of my mirror sans my usual brush pot and ready for business. Makeup-wise I handpicked a face-full of creamy, no-fuss textures that I thought my palms could handle; my usual base suspects with a few blendable colour additions. First into the no-fibre zone was foundation, and with the interest of making this a fair test I stuck to what I’ve been reaching for my daily dose of the stuff for the past few weeks, Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick. So in I swiped one swipe of Au Natural on my face. Then something strange happened, a moment of beauty revelation. Foundation + hands = a seamlessly blended, invisibly perfected finish. I got up close and personal with my mirror, inspected in direct sunlight and still barely a trace could be spotted. Now bear in mind that Full Cover Makeup is pretty special (more on that later in the week), but I was pretty wowed with the results and think that from now on I’ll be retiring my buffing brush favourites from daily duty and reserving them for sad skin times when I need to build up a tad more coverage.

The rest of the application had me a little less giddy. A pinch of colour was taken care of by Studiowest’s Pure Passion Radiance Blush in Pink Quartz and the pad of my thumb, highlight by the Revlon Photoready Skinlights and my middle finger, and a wash of lid sheen by the brownish-gold eyeshadow from Maybelline The Nudes Palette and my index fingertip. A coat or two of Colorbar’s Zoom & Whoosh Mascara and all that remained to be given the hands-on treatment was lips. I use twist-up products anyway, so it was no biggie for me to slather on. Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Crush topped with MAC Girl About Town (not pictured) did the job and my tool-free mission was complete.

The one takeaway technique from my foray into fingertips: foundation looks bloody gorgeous when palm-applied. I think I’ll be feeling up my face more often.