Evening Makeup Essentials

In all honesty it’s a very rare occasion when I decide to go all out with my makeup. You guys know me, I may be obsessed with cosmetics, but when it comes to what I actually wear on my face day to day I like to keep it very simple. However on a rather now infrequent night out I sometimes do decide to slap it on. To take my look from mundane to marvellous there are 4 products that I always rely on….

A Mascara – Rimmel The Max VolumeFlash Waterproof Mascara

My favourite waterproof mascara is my recent purchase – Rimmel The Max VolumeFlash Waterproof Mascara. Think Rimmel The Max BoldCurve Mascara but waterproof and little less dry on the lashes. This stuff volumises my lashes like a dream and leaves a nice silky, natural curl that doesn’t even need eyelash curler. Another great mascara is Lotus Herbals Mascara, which although doesn’t offer much longevity can be layered up for a pretty full volume look.

Eye Liner – Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner

Coming from a family of rounded-football eyes, eye liner is a bit of a lifesaver 😉 Although it’s not something that I turn to everyday, when it comes to evening makeup it’s a must. A touch of liner over the lash-line, instantly slims the eyes and gives you that slight ‘Victoria Secrets’ edge – you know? The best that I have found is the Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner.

Nail Color – Sephora by OPI Come to Pappa-razzi!

I am a firm believer of the ‘play one feature’ up makeup rule – whether that be cheeks, eyes or lips. And for evenings out I prefer to play up the eyes and keep the lips and nails simple and neutral. The easiest way to glam up nails though and create that much lusted after shine is to layer on a glitter polish. When I first discovered the joys of glitter polish I went for the sparkliest ones I could find – however after the analysis of many a facebook photo I soon realised that these looked slightly ridiculous on me and now plump for much more tamer, glitter top coats. The best I’ve found being the Sephora by OPI Jewel top coats – these pack a chic punch of glitters and instantly make me feel more glam.

Lipstick – Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Burgundy Shine

Day to day I like to just have a wash of a bright colour over the lips, but to glam up my eyes for the evening – a neutral colour added to the lips is a must. Burgundy Shine just does all the work for you and without too much effort gives the lips some instant chicness.

It may sound pretty straight forward, but these 4 are easily the most essential things! What do you guys rely on to glam up for the evening? In other news, I spent the day getting covered in dust as we’ve have been redecorating our house! Manual labour is never going to be for me, but hopefully soon there will be enough space to start doing some fashion posts 🙂 Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Much Love,

Gauri x