Festive Party Prep

vlcc double power neem facial

The festive season is just around the corner, making right now the perfect time to start preparing our skin for the glitz and glamour of all those Diwali parties. There’s much more to skincare than just the products we use – everything from our diets to our stress levels can trigger skin sensitivity, which is why I’ve put together this handy checklist. Take a look at my top tips and say hello to gorgeously healthy, glowing skin!

Relax & Stay Positive
We all know that the festive period can feel stressful – we all aim to look our best for the parties and celebrations the season brings with it, but we also want to relax and enjoy this special time of year. The most important thing is not to be too hard on yourself: the more we obsess over navigating the festive season ‘perfectly’, the more stress we’ll create for ourselves. A more forgiving approach will ironically help you feel more centered as you try to juggle all the expectations placed on you (by yourself and others).

Eat, Sleep, Hydrate, Repeat!
Eating a nutritious diet, staying hydrated and getting plenty of beauty sleep are things our skin benefits from all year round, but during the festive party season our healthy lifestyles are often put to the test. Don’t arrive at a party hungry; a lot of us will be tempted to ‘save’ our day’s calories so we can indulge later, but being in a calorie deficit interferes with your ability to connect with your body and eat mindfully – so we end up eating everything in sight! Believe me, I’ve done it way too many times in the past. It’s a much better idea to fuel yourself adequately with healthy foods all day, so you have a little wiggle room for a splurge in the evening.

Keep Skincare Simple
I believe that skincare should always be straightforward! I swear by cleansing, toning and moisturising twice per day, and doing a facial a couple of times each week – the last thing you need is an overly complicated skincare regime.
I love to keep my festive skincare essentials, like the VLCC Ayurveda Skin Purifying Double Power Double Neem Facial Kit*, on hand. It’s ideal for an instant glow – clogged pores do not make for glowing skin! The 5 step system effectively cleanses and moisturizes skin, meaning that even in a pinch you can care for your complexion with an Ayurvedic Facial in next to no time.

How do you prepare your skin for the festive party season? Let me know!

*PR Sample