Fingertip Gradation

Nail polishes were my first foray into the world of beauty. While typing this I’m realising that it’s actually Kajal but c’mon that’s not even counted for Indians. Nail polishes were what I actively went & purchased, you know. I mean that was what I was really allowed to get into in my teenage years. Lip gloss was a strict no-no till college.

Over the years I’ve built quite a collection. While giving myself an at-home manicure (damn this lockdown!) yesterday, I noticed that even though I aimed to collect all the colours of the rainbow, it’s clear that I do veer towards certain colours a bit more than others. I’ve already covered a little edit on my love for berries (not literally, only on nails, although I do Love berries) I observed that unintentionally I’ve collected quite a few colours in the purple shade range & an idea struck me!

How fun would it be to do a colour gradation on your nails! I had seen some images like these on Pinterest but always thought they were a bit in-your-face and not suited for everyday wear.

This lockdown has given me a strange sense of courage & I thought what better than this time to try out something silly. Happy to report that I’m actually pleased with the end result! ☺️

I thought I’ll give you a brief overview of each colour with comparisons & a shade run-down. From left to right, starting from the lightest shade to the deepest, we’ve MaxFactor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Chilled Lilac, Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour in Drama Sheen, Studiowest Vivid Nail Colour in Creme PR04, Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist in Burgundy Blast & Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer in Amethyst Dusk.

Of the five, MaxFactor spreads on the smoothest with no streaking. Sally Hansen has the most beautiful colour with the best brush. Studiowest’s is a beautiful true periwinkle purple. The Lakme has the shiniest finish without a top coat. No winning points for the Colorbar one, it was streaky & took the longest to dry.

Lesson learnt from this post? I definitely don’t need any more variations of purple in my collection. The fact that I had a few more polishes that could have easily made this cut (but didn’t due to only having 5 fingers on a hand), means that it’s definitely time to go easy on the purple train! 🙈