FOTD – Covergirl Cinnamon

Covergirl Cinnamon

I always feel a bit cheeky posting a ‘Face of the Day’, that actually was a ‘Face of a Few Days Ago’, but ‘FOAFDA’ just doesn’t have the same ring 😉 So I snapped this picture a few days ago and thought I would give you a peek as I absolutely love the lip product I was wearing!

Almay Concealer in Light/Medium
Rimmel Glam’eyes HD Eye Shadow in English Oak
NYC Sky Rise Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Kajal
Covergirl Gloss in Cinnamon

So yes, the lip product in question is Covergirl’s Cinnamon Gloss, that literally is a stick of lip product in a small thin pencil! I think it retails at around $6, so doesn’t break the bank & is fast becoming one of my favourite lip glosses. Firstly take note that this is a drying formula, and when I say dry, I mean dry – I’m talking drys-out-your-lips-emphasizing-flakiness dry, so be sure to slather on a good lip balm underneath. I really like it paired with the Sally Hansen Vita B. So awful formula aside, I am so in love with the colour! Yes this is the perfect peachy red that adds a kind of nude but neon look to the lips – difficult to describe but take a look at the picture for reference 😉 And cause it’s in stick form it is so easy to apply and allows you to almost line your lips and then fill them in afterwards, resulting in super long lasting colour. Now after a quick Google it seems that Covergirl are in the process of discontinuing this line, but if you see it – grab it – it truly is a stunner!

Have any of you given this a go? Added it to your list 😉