Getting Down on the Budget

The budget VS. high-end debate is always going to be one that always rages on. Now I love what the Indian market has to offer, I’ve got the small fortune amassed on my Lifestyle InnerCircle Card to prove it but my yearning for something a little luxe usually wins and there are many treats I forgo in life to fund that. Boo. However there are a few non wallet-whopping tried and tested products that crop up in my rotation; some newer additions and others that have been hanging around for ages. All under Rs.500 and get a G&M thumbs up. Welcome to a very beefy edit of ‘The Budget Buy’…

There are two beauty areas in particular that I like to invest my pennies into – skincare and complexion. So it takes a lot from a product for me to break this rule, but two do and they’re no surprise as often frequenters of the blogger rave train – L’Oreal Mat Magique and Lotus Herbals Daily Tinted Moisturiser. I’ve already given my long thoughts on L’Oreal’s latest addition to their compact line-up but I find myself reaching for it on low-key days and being rather pleased with the results. Light, skin-like coverage with a B+ in longevity. And when I need a heavier covering up, nothing does it quite like Lotus Herbals’ souped-up heavy duty tinted moisturiser. As a side note, in my experience mascaras are never worth the splurge – hello, Maybelline The Falsies Volum’Express Mascara? Need I say anymore.

Where I tend to get a little spendy down the aisles is when it comes down to colour. Lips, eyes, cheeks, nails – it’s a great place to experiment with new shades without feeling too heartbroken in pocket if they don’t work out. Tips and lips is a mantra I’ve been going with at the moment and for a blot of colour on my chops – Studiowest’s Pure Passion Long Lasting Lipsticks fit the bill – even my lipstick-loathing Mum has one of these rolling around in her handbag; Blushing Mauve is her favourite and Apricot Blush mine. A new-ish discovery in the nail polish arena are Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Nail Colours as advocated by my best friend. A shed load of colours & a hardy formula – the shade Drama Sheen is an odds-on favourite to make this month’s favourites cut.

So there you have it – just a few ideas of what next to splurge your Lifestyle points on.