Give Me A Glitter Nail

Give Me A Glitter Nail swatch

Yesterday I lacquered myself up with an office safe caramel shade on my nails but I felt it needed something a little extra to tip it over the edge of being boring; a shimmering, glistening glitter nail to be precise. I’m not a fan of ten digits of glimmer, mainly cause I pre-empt how bloody painful removal of the stubborn stuff can be; so a well placed ring-finger accent is good enough for me.

My fave glitter mixes of all time have to come from OPI; every year without fail they release a snappily named polish packed with shots of shimmer shards that is guaranteed to sell-out and one that I’ve picked up from a previous collection is the aptly proclaimed golden-copper Come to Papa-razzi. It’s wheeled out over the month of February without a doubt. Max Factor’s Angel Nails & Revlon’s Autumn Spice are more recent additions to the crew (blogged about here) and are more of a colour/glitter hybrid containing shimmers suspended in a jelly. Nice ‘topper-offer’ over cream finish shades I’d say. Which one did I plump for? I decided that a coat of OPI’s Come to Papa-razzi would suffice and perfectly complement Lakme’s nude Caramel Melt.