Glitter Nail Goodness With OPI’s Come to Paparazzi

Lakme Beige Suit with an OPI Come to Paparazzi Ring Finger Accent

Those of you who are beauty bloggers will know the deal, you take around 226 photos of your mug, a product or in my case today, my nails – and there will only be 1 perhaps that you deem ‘blog worthy’. Well this happened to me the other day while I was trying to capture the true beauty of OPI’s Come to Paparazzi, but there was one photo that passed through quality control, that I actually thought was cool enough to share..

The combination in question comprises 2 of my possibly favourite ever nail polishes; Lakme Beige Suit, a gorgeous nude cream which I actually wore on my fingers for my Birthday earlier this year and OPI’s Come to Paparazzi, a polish which I hate to go on about as it is so difficult to find, but is one of the most glorious glitters I have ever seen. I found myself catching a glimpse (ok I’m lying – staring) at my hands on a fair few occassions, I love the whole extremely neutral look with a standout mega glitter nail! In fact I am just going crazy for glitter nails at the moment! 🙂 What are your favourite glitter nail combinations? I’d love to hear!

Much Love,

Gauri x