Glossy Lips

You ladies know I am a self-proclaimed Lipstick whore 😉 But every now and again I do slip over to the glossier side of proceedings. I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my best friend is constantly topping up her gloss (what can I say, I am easily influenced), but this past few weeks have seen a lipgloss be thrown into the depths of my makeup bag.

Yep and they are all pinky nudes! Well what did you expect 😉 The first one is by Sally Hansen and is one that I got over a year ago now and by the laws of lipglosses should smell as skanky as the bottom of your shoe – however 16 months later and it’s still going strong! It’s their Lip Inflation formula in the shade Sheer Blush and gives my lips a hint of rosey glow, which actually makes a nice change for once. The second one is from Revlon – the king of lipglosses – in their infamous shade Shine City. It’s supposedly recently married (oh I do love a bit of gossip), Kim Kardashian’s favourite shade! Now yes, compared to the pleasant smelling Sally Hansen offering, this does have a distinctive pong about it but the colour is a beaut. A muted down baby pink that is great for layering or wearing on it’s own. My final favourite is from Covergirl and was bought a few months back now. It’s their Natureluxe Gloss Balm in the shade Cinnamon. Now I can’t say it’s as moisturising as my HG gloss, Revlon Shine City, but – I do love the colour of this for the upcoming monsoon months.

Right I’m off to go slather some gloss on 😉 There are quite a few lip products that I have been loving at the moment, so keep an eye out for reviews of those on my blog! I am thinking of doing an FAQ post soon so let me know if you have any questions bottled up and I will pop up a post soon where you can submit any questions you have 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Much Love,

Gauri x