Kama Heal Revitalising Transparent Soap

Okay hear me out; I know soap is not the most glamorous of products and that the traditional, humble bar of soap has been pushed out by it’s slightly sexier, liquid counterpart. If you can find room in your life or bathroom for a bar soap, please let it be the multi-purpose and outstanding – Kama Heal Revitalising Transparent Soap. A moisturising, deeply cleansing soap, that is the perfect accompaniment to any routine.

You don’t need me to tell you that the main purpose of soap is to of course cleanse the skin, in the case of Kama Heal Revitalising Transparent Soap the body – perhaps in place of a shower gel? Used daily – this soap, gently removes any traces of dry and dead skin; all the while cleansing and refreshing the skin. Not bad for a bar of soap huh?

At Rs.250 a bar, I do deem Kama Heal Revitalising Transparent Soap to be too pricey, to be used as an everyday hand soap. However if you do find your hands dried out and beyond help, this is a quick and easy way to cleanse and buffer off the dry areas in one quick step. I hate myself a little every time I am lured in by a richly scented body product – as this is more than just a beautiful fragrance, I don’t feel guilty for savouring the zesty, brightening and somewhat herbal aroma. It awakens the senses, cheesy but true – combined with the mist of a hot, morning shower it sends me packing and ready to tackle the most mundane of days. It is entirely unisex and will not look out of place in any shower or bathroom.