Kiko, Kiko and More Kiko

When the general question of ‘What beauty bits should one pick up when in the US?’ is thrown out there, there’s a high chance that a large percentage of the replies will contain ‘Kiko’. To us on the other side of the world it’s a brand that’s sorta come from nowhere. Being just launched in India, it seems they produce a kick-ass blush line (the Smart Colour Blush, just incase you’ve been sleeping under a rock- the shade Biscuit goes down as my favourite blush shade, ever) and have been on the up since. Their foundations, concealers, bronzers and the rest always seem to crop up in a positive light and I’ve been itching to get my hands on some more bits. So today I’ve rustled up 3 speed reviews on my newest Kiko discoveries…

Kiko Smart Fusion Lipstick in 407 Rosewood* – it’s a beautiful rosey pink shade in a wonderfully creamy formula that feels very moisturising and smells like real lipstick in the traditional sense. It feels modern in vibe rather than texture I might add. It has a soft sweet fragrance that is really comforting and quite old-school chic. It’s a stunning muted rose and the pink undertones make it perfect for the lip colour trends of autumn. I think it’s a really easy colour to wear and it’s very long lasting. I like.

Kiko Smart Colour Eye Pencil in 05 Matte Brown* – I’m in love with this pencil! It comes out instantly smoky and if you wish, you can smoke it up even more! It can still deliver precise lines though, so it’s a really adaptable little number. The finish is beautifully matte, and completely washable. It also is paraben free.

Kiko Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer in 002* – I really love it. The shade is exquisite, the formula is super glossy and the finish lasts and lasts for me. It really is nail perfection! I really like the formula of the nail polish. It dries pretty fast and you get a gorgeous glossy finish. Although the brush is fairly thin, I still find it quite easy to paint with. With 002, the first coat isn’t overly inspiring. I actually started to worry that it wasn’t going to be the superstar that I thought it was, but it’s when you apply the second coat that the magic happens…and it is so beautiful.

A few to add to your shopping list should you find yourself in the presence of a store anytime soon perhaps? But until next time I’m fully Kiko-d out.

*PR Sample