Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous Nail Colour Review

Well a big song and dance was made when the Lakme Absolute Nail Colours made their way to markets, wasn’t there! The Beauty Blogger hype parade came into town! After seeing the peeps go on about them I promised myself I wouldn’t give into pressure, but sure enough I began trying to scout them out! Silly Gauri! It wasn’t easy, these little bottles of nail colour are difficult to come across and if the store does have them then 9 times out of 10 you’ll have only 12 colours to choose from. In the end I found a small display and picked up the shades Aqua Express and Crimson Fire.

For those of you who have been living under a rock I’ll quickly explain. The Lakme Absolute Nail Colours are designed to add fabulous colour to the nails while still being fast drying. There are 30 shades available and they retail for Rs.200. The actual appearance of the them is pretty impressive, encased in a wave-like bottle, it’s a nice idea. But that isn’t where my problem lies.

Firstly I’d say the shade range disappointing especially for nude polish lovers like me. Although the swatches on the website makes it look like there are quite a few pale nail offerings from the swatches I have seen on blogs there isn’t really one particular colour that floats my boat. Also a fair few of them have a pearly finish, which is something that really doesn’t appeal – the shade that I got Aqua Express, is crammed with blue glitter. I found the formula of them to be surprising. I thought they would be runny & streaky, but I’ve found the Nail Colours to be more on the thick side and not be particularly streaky. However this does mean that they last quite well on the nails, about 2-3 days without chipping which is good.

These won’t go completely unused in my collection, the shade Crimson Fire makes a nice Autumn bright, but they aren’t going to be squireling their way into my nail polish must-haves anytime soon. What are your thoughts on the Lakme Absolute nail colours? Are you an avid collector or just bemused and confused purchaser like myself? Let me know!