Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

Behold my new hair saviour: the Livon Moroccan Silk Serum*. Sounds a bit stupid to say – “moroccan silk serum” – but that is the beauty of PR Samples. You never have to ask for things with embarrassing names and you never have to worry that you’re pronouncing things in the right way!

Moroccan Silk Serum doesn’t have much in the way of oil in it, as you’ve probably guessed. This makes it quite brilliant for people (like me) with fine hair. I have lots of fine hair, but that doesn’t matter: it still gets weighed down if I plonk on too many heavy products.

Moroccan Silk Serum has this wonderful lightness that’s almost water-like, yet it manages to smooth the hair and add shine. You can use it near to the roots of the hair (so perfect for taming those broken fly-aways near the parting) and there’s no issue with using it on a finished style – it’s so lightweight that you can almost pat it on with your palms.

This Moroccan Silk Serum has, for the moment, replaced my other serums and my oils too! When I just want to have a down-day and do nothing to my hair, I dry it naturally and work a bit of this through it before it’s 100% dry. It works perfectly. Not a product to use daily if you’re worried about product build-up (it might not be heavy but it’s still layering up on the hair) but I am using it a couple of times a week after washing. It’s great!

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum is Rs.149 from all beauty stores.

*PR Sample