L’Occitane Immortelle Secret to Brightness Facial

loccitane immortelle secret to brightness

After my spa confession last year, here’s another one for you – I’ve never had a facial. I know, I know. I spend my life wrapped up in the beauty world, branding the ‘Skincare Junkie’ tag around and even turned my bathroom into a spa smelling scene the other day all in the aid of trying something new (more on that at the weekend). But a facial? Never been there. That doesn’t mean I haven’t flirted with the idea – oh I’ve browsed many the spa menu. But I’ve never found the right facial fit and felt a little perplexed at the long list of treatments out there. Extraction? Lymphatic drainage massage? The balancing of chakras? Not. A. Clue. So I guess L’Occitane came along at the right time to slip me out of my skincare slump and after sampling the sensory delight that is their Immortelle Secret to Brightness Facial* I think I’ve found a solution for fellow travellers of the newbie facial boat and developed the lust for a pretty pricey habit…

If you’re a frequent reader of Beauty Blogs then the chances are you’ve heard ravings of L’Occitane before; an organic french skincare collection. A range heavily weighted with balms, oils and butters, no nasties to be found, just vitamin rich and potent plant and flower extract formulas. To run alongside their line and to play on their many talents, they also offer a ‘Spa’ that sits more on the holistic side of treatments, designed to relax, revitalize, re-energize and nourish the body. Le sigh. I was booked in for the treatment last week. When my masseuse wandered into the waiting room & greeted me warmly I knew I was in for a good time. The room was cosy, but cool and I was ordered to get into my knick knacks (thank gawd I had waxed that week), cover up with some blankets and relax.

What followed next was 75 minutes of utter bliss, in fact the sounds inside my head started to resemble those more likely to be heard in a certain advert, but without getting too ’50 Shades of Grey’ it was a beaut of a way to spend an hour and 15 mins. Aside from combining the best of the L’Occitane skincare line, the treatment also uses facial analysis – but hang in with me here. These ladies are serious about their analysis and use different products throughout the treatment to correspond with what each step is trying to achieve. I was a little sceptical but the alternate cool & hot products traced along the contours of the face is not something I’d turn my nose up at – it may have even been my favourite bit. After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, various masks are applied and while waiting for them to do their thang, the masseuse got to work giving my arms, shoulders and scalp a firm but fair massage – the shoulder rub down wins the best in show for me. All of this, thrown in with a hefty facial massage and the layering of various oils equalled an experience that I didn’t really ever want to end.

The results? Well my skin isn’t too horrendous to start off with (touch wood), but was looking a little red and congested – the next day my ruddy cheeks had calmed slightly and two pesky pimples had waved goodbye. Almost a week later and there’s still an extra plumpness to my skin, with a tad more sheen than I’m used to. The most notable difference though was in my shoulders, being hunched over a laptop all day really doesn’t do wonders for the spine and I was in desperate need of straightening out. The day after I felt so loose in my upper body, I’m sure there’s a better way of explaining that – I just felt like body popping my way through the day. I can see myself getting pretty into this whole massage malarkey.

So fellow face mask first timers I’ve found it! Nothing painful, no pummelling, just some good quality masks and massage techniques that you’ll walk out from slightly floaty, floppy and feelin’ goooood. Prices vary depending on which treatment you have, but you’re looking at around Rs.4000 for the full 75 minutes – not bad for a skin sorting sesh and a half body massage thrown in. For a full list of therapies check out Spa La Vie’s website. Gateway facial completed, I’m hooked. Feel free to feed me up with your Facial recommendations – I’m ready and waiting to pencil them in to my little beauty black book.

*PR Sample