L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Vernis Rule

Sometimes I come across a product that I’m just itching to write a post about. Case in point: the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Vernis. Hot shades, a hell of a wide-brush and the hardiest varnishes I’ve tried. In fact I went six whole days (including a lot of washing up and housework) before things started to look a little raggedy and I required a repaint. The formula’s sorta gel-like, high-shine and some of the shades do need a third coat to reach an opacity level I’m happy with but they last, oh gawd do they last.

Top Coat in Coco Tweed is the front runner at the moment – a top coat with black & white shards, Boudoir Rose – a shade sister to Lakme’s Beige Suit comes next, Blue Velvet and Black Swan, both still stunners trot at the back of the pack. Sandwiched between Revlon’s Base Coat and L’Oreal Paris’ Top Coat I’ve never had any polish stay so pristine on my nails for so long. In fact, someone even asked where I had got my nails done; “In bed while watching Suits”, was my reply.

Rs.235 from all the usual L’Oreal Paris haunts; I’m pretty sure my stash won’t be capped at four colours for that long…