Makeup Revolution Blush Bronze & Brighten Palette in Flush

Two beauty loves of mine: pushing products into place with my fingertips and powdery ‘no makeup, makeup’ textures. So it’s no surprise that the current cheek product that has been gracing my apples is of the powder variety. It can be striped on and blended out in a matter of minutes to a finish that aids my complexion’s faux ‘Oh, I just washed my face this morning, that’s it, promise’ glow.

First in the fingertip firing line – contour. I like to begin at the bottom and work my way up with the Makeup Revolution Blush Bronze & Brighten Palette in Flush. It looks terrifying swatched, but laid on the face and worked out performs that whole ‘natural shadow’ function. The blush gets patted on and diffused out. And all this gets finished off with a light sweep of the highlighter; a long-lost love that I’m getting reacquainted with. I’ve declined to add a post-cheek trio photo as the effect just couldn’t be captured with the lens, but you know the drill: sheeny, subtle, simple. And in moments of time-strapped application just stripe on military style and blend, blend, blend.