Marks & Spencer All-in-One Mascara

I admit it. I’m the world’s worst beauty blogger when it actually comes down to wearing makeup. If I’m having a homebody day, not a scrap touches my face (unless it’s for review purposes, in which case I put it on) and at weekends? Less is more in my mind. The Marks & Spencer All-in-One Mascara comes into play on the latter explained occasion. A layer of this topped up with some BB cream, bronzer and a slick of lip balm is me sorted over those two days and after a few months of this routine I couldn’t quite believe that I hadn’t dedicated an ode to it yet on these pages. Mascaras are a bit of a minefield but this ticks all the boxes…

There’s no flaking or smudging and my lashes stay in place very well. I like how lengthening it is and it really curls the lashes up and out. It isn’t quite as volumising as I expected, but I do like the results and it’s very light and comfortable to wear. I like the brush too – it allows you to place your lashes where you want them and pulls and stretches them out.

Marks & Spencer All-in-One Mascara is available in Marks & Spencer stores and costs Rs.499. A bargain if I say so myself. I’m tempted to pick up another tube to add to the stock drawer for that price. For I ladies and gents, have found my mascara.