My 5 Minute Face

I know that for most, time is a little constricted in the mornings. As a massive lover of sleep – I have been known to say that it is my favorite thing in the world to do 😉 I would rather have those extra precious 10 minutes in bed. This obviously conflicts with my love for preening & pampering, so I have devised a quick 5 minute face that gives me a ‘naturally-enhanced’ look shall we say, but can easily be done in Superwoman-like time.

First of all I scrub my face with Everyuth Exfoliating Walnut Scrub, boom! Then I use a BB cream, smaller-than-pea-size blobs of Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream, warmed in the palms & then applied to the face with my hands. This gives a really nice, pretty medium coverage finish to the skin with a slight glow to it as well.

When it comes to cheeks, I will admit I have been getting lazy. For eyes, I grab my Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal or Avon Extra Lasting Kajal + Smudger, swipe it on the waterline, go over the lid with a thin line of the Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eyeliner or Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner (whichever is nearer) and give it a tiny flick at the end. Next, I grab the AAAMAZING Rimmel Glam’eyes HD Eye Shadow in English Oak, dust my eye shadow brush in it and pop this on my lids. Eyes done!

At this stage, I probably could walk out the door, as I’m all about ‘the base’ when it comes to makeup, but there is one final step – lashes! A quick coat of the Lotus Herbals Mascara or Rimmel Maxlash Boldcurves Mascara and then I’m ready!

I’m sure you would have realized that I’ve skipped a lip product. In a dreamworld I would preferably like about 10 minutes to consider my lip product choice of the day, however what happens in reality is I grab the first lippie that catches my eye as I rush out the door. The commuting population then have the joy of watching me applying this wonkily on the train. Over the past weeks, Rimmel’s 001, Milani’s Crystal Gloss and Rimmel’s 6Hr Lip Gloss have been ‘grabbed’ a lot, along with CoverGirl’s Nature Luxe Lip Gloss Balm. All pretty neutral colors, but ones that you can reapply really easily. As you can tell, lipstick is where I tend to experiment, but the base of the makeup pretty much stays the same.

OK, OK so by the time I’ve piled this on, more like 8 minutes have passed, but still it’s under 10 minutes and that is surely impressive 😉 In total, only 8 makeup products have been used – not bad!