My Face Base Wardrobe

My face base habit has a got a little bit out of control. It wasn’t until I was explaining my makeup collection to my friends and heard myself say the phrase, “Well the top drawer is for heavy-coverage foundations, the next one is for lighter ones, then I’ve got one full of tinted moisturisers….’ saw their jaws drop and tailed off. Yes I’m Gauri, and I have a foundation problem. Surprisingly it’s the step that I shrug off the most, but bottles of the stuff dominate my stash, so I’ve had a bit of a clear out – my friend’s faces are now positively beaming (and looking pretty flawless) – and I think if push came to shove I could live out the rest of my days with just four key cover-ups in my possession to mix, match and buff on. Let’s christen this the ‘Face Base Wardrobe’…

The All-Rounder: Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural. My current go-to with a whole ode to itself here. Full coverage, but sheered out and slicked on with fingers can achieve a skin-like finish with a balanced equation of glow and matte. I sweep on with a brush for times of skin SOS and evenings out.

The Goooood Skin Day Companion: Lakme 9 to 5 CC Colour Transform Cream in Beige. On the rare ocassion that I’ve completed my morning skincare routine and let out a satisfied grunt at my complexion, then this comes into play. A light, barely-there tint that evens out any minor niggles and wipes on just the right level of dewy. The other thing I like about this formula is that it’s a good mixer making it a versatile piece in my wardrobe; a blob in with the Colorbar gives a good dose of glow for ‘damn I stayed up till 2 am watching Suits on Netflix and now I’m tired‘ days. Guilty.

The ‘Waste of Makeup’ Foundation: L’Oreal Mat Magic Compact in N6. For days when I’m just running errands, or will be back home and slipped into my PJs whipping my makeup off in two hours time. I want to be brave, but I just need a bit of something. I put down my bottle of Rs.600+ flawlessifier and reach for this instead, and you know what? I doubt anyone bar me accompanied with a magnifying mirror can tell that I’m not sporting a pricier offering.

The One I Wish Would Never End: Lotus Herbals Daily Tinted Moisturiser in Fresh Ivory. This tinted moisturiser is the definition of perfection; dewy but long-lasting and still where you striped it on 10 hours later, medium coverage and just darn beautiful.

Now this doesn’t mean that four foundations now rule my base roost exclusively, but I’m working on it. And maybe it’s time to seriously cut down on the whole three-drawer set up. I can see the glow off my friend’s complexions already…