My First Matrix Purchase

Matrix is a product pool that I’ve always wanted to dive into. Distinctively American, simple and sophisticated, luxe yet inviting, founded by Arnie Miller back in 1980. I used to see it whenever I’ve walked past a store or salon but never indulged. That was until the other day…

I have been using this pretty much every day at the moment because it’s really light, adds a lovely shine and is perfect for breaking up freshly tonged hair or reviving waves on day 2, 3 hair.

I just work a small amount of serum in hands & apply evenly through the mid lengths and ends and it leaves my hair fragrant, shining and smooth. My top tip for smoothing out just tonged waves is to apply it through hair and then gently brush the hair. This is particularly good for soft and luscious vintage waves.

I always thought that Matrix products were expensive, but a 100 ml bottle of one of their serum will set you back Rs.275, which is quite standard for a hair serum. Have any of you ladies indulged in Matrix? What’s your favourite serum? Or will you be adding it to your wishlist?