My First Taste of Marks & Spencer

First Taste of Marks & Spencer

Here’s a little snapshot of my dressing table at 6 am this morning – I’m sure everyone in my house really appreciated me clicking and flashing away at the time. Oops. But there was a reason behind my early morn photo shoot as I wanted to quickly get a snap of my newest purchase before it got all dirty. For a while I’d been contemplating a purchase of some M&S cosmetics so I finally went in on last Wednesday and was served by a lovely lady on the cosmetics section who talked me through all their bits and bobs and I ended up walking away with 1 thing nicely packaged up in a M&S’ bag…

The M&S Limited Collection Mascara in Black was top of my list of things to get. I’ve heard loads of other bloggers singing it’s praises. As you may have guessed, this one is about volume. Sounds good, no? M&S Limited Collection Mascara in Black is all about delivering fat lashes. The formula promises to transform fine and faint lashes into ‘bodacious and bold’ lashes without weighing them down. It has a great brush that’s very similar to the Clinique Lash Impact Extreme Volume one. Considering I only applied it two hours ago, it’s still early days but I’ll keep you updated with this one; given my new fascination with mascaras I’ve got high hopes. So far, so good. But will it last all day? I’ll let you know.

If you fancy a M&S haul of your own their stocks are rather limited – the Bandra store has the largest personal care section compared to other M&S stores. I have to say I was really impressed by their range of products, much like most of my other favourite brands everything is rather neutral toned, subtle and has a natural finish.