My Friend’s Makeup Bag

Isha Moghe




G&M meet Isha, my friend. Isha meet G&M. I thought it was about time for some fresh meat round these parts, plus I was getting nosey to have a twitch into others makeup bags, so I thought why not get Isha into making an appearance. She thought she was being roped into a quick chat but soon got hauled into a half an hour-long conversation on all things beauty with me scribbing down her musings and snapping away on my camera. The things we do for friends, eh? My friend falls into the ‘normal’ category when it comes to makeup obsession levels, she’s not deemed a special case like myself. Her beauty arsenal fits comfortably into one drawer, her daily picks are housed in a reasonably sized bag and she has important things in life like food and clothes whereas I have a brimming lipstick tower. So here’s her beauty take including her lipstick collecting tendencies & tips for fellow dry skinned gals…

“On a day to day basis I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I always wear a compact – there are some veins on my face which can be seen without it. I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Pressed Face Powder. My daily face starts with the Himalaya Deep Cleansing Milk, but if I do have more time then I use Himalaya’s Refreshing & Clarifying Toner – a good pick for dry skinned ladies. Then for essence I like L’Oreal’s Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence and I set it all with The Body Shop’s Pressed Face Powder in 01 which adds a bit of colour to my face – I think I’m on my 3rd compact of the stuff! At one point I became a little obsessed with kajals – I wanted them all – but now I just use Lakme’s Eyeconic. I don’t wear it everyday but if I’m going out I like to apply a little eyeshadow combo from my stash; grey all over the lid, standard and a bit of black in the crease. Although I’m not the best at cleaning my brushes, so it’s probably a mix of all of them that goes on.

I never do brows, but I do do a bold lip on a night out – Colorbar Mad Magenta is good for a red option that isn’t too in your face. Brush-wise I stick with Colorbar brushes, with a The Body Shop one thrown in. My big thing at the moment is eye cream, I love The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cube. I’m always using it.”

Thank you so much Isha. Some products that I know I’ll need to check out! Cheers.