New Nude

Please excuse the misleading title of this post, but with my woeful love for alliteration, it would have been criminal not to mention the phrase ‘New Nude’ in this post. But let’s move on for the non-OCD folk and chat nudes. When it comes to nails I tend to go for extremes on both sides of the colour spectrum, brilliantly bold – I’m thinking Bourjois Bleu Water (remember that one?) or stylishly simple. Right now, I’m embracing the neutral side of proceedings…

Maybelline Beige Eclat is the pinkiest out of the bunch – but with a hyped up tone of taupe. Easy to wear and a great pick for darker skinned gals due to it’s blushed colour. If I had to pick a top five nail polishes ever then L’Oreal Paris Beige Boheme would be in for shot at one of the top spots. I’ve posted about this before but it’s easily one of my all-time favourites, so why not rave about it again, eh? A slight heather grey undertone takes the edge of this otherwise neutral nude. The newest addition to the clan is Lakme Beige Suit – a colour I tried to resist the urge for but just had to give in. Shade wise it’s pretty darn similar to Beige Boheme if a little beige-ier and I love it. The formula is questionable (it’s true what they all say about the chipping), but I’ll handle it’s short appearance on my nails cause it’s a beaut. Moving onto two picks which are a little lighter, L’Oreal’s Beige Countess and Colorbar Baby. Both are more pink that my other picks and give a nod to the candy trend that was all the rage when nudes first became popular.

So only one question remains – do you never wear nude or nearly always do nude? Right now I’m nearly always nude….oooh er!