Nivea Bath

My daily shower routine has been transformed since my introduction to Nivea – not a new brand to me but one I’ll be happy to spend lots more time with. The Creme Care Shower Gel is just one of a range of beautiful fragranced products for the body. As a body moisturiser enthusiast (I am completely addicted to the stuff!), the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser isn’t an obvious product for me but I have to say I am really impressed with it. I’ll explain.

Creme Care Shower Gel is a beautifully scented, rich body wash. It’s gorgeous in the shower. It does feel rich, luxurious and moisturising on the skin and the Nivea creme fragrance is very rejuvenating. This slightly pearlised white shower gel is gorgeously creamy and lathers well. I’ve heard people rave about this product for years and I now know why. I’ve raced through this bottle faster than any other shower gel ever, which says it all really. Beautifully refreshing in the morning it’s the perfect wake up call, but not in a screaming get out of bed way, more in an I’m here to pamper you way!

The In Shower Moisturiser is basically moisturiser you use while still in the shower (a bit like conditioning your hair) which then removes the need to moisturise once you get out. The idea is, you wash with your regular shower product as usual, then apply the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser, rinse it off and go. Once you’re dry, you can skip moisturiser and go straight to the dressing stage. It is absolutely perfect for those that can’t stand the chore of moisturising all over, or if you don’t have time for your lotion to sink in. I tried it today and I have to say, it really works. It was quite painful skipping the lotion stage for me, but skin totally feels ‘business as usual’. I impressed!

Two pretty products that I’m very pleased to have purchased.