Olivia Professional Gold Facial Kit

Olivia Professional Gold Facial

There are a few products I really like from Olivia in terms of skincare and so I was really pleased to try this Olivia Professional Gold Facial Kit*. It’s a gorgeous little system with a fabulous edit of essentials in very decent travel sizes. I road tested this little kit and was very pleased indeed. It also meant that I got to try a couple of items I hadn’t before and it included a lovely face cleanser which I have to say is definitely one of my essentials. Say what?

Olivia Gold Facial Kit

Olivia Professional Gold Facial Kit contains:

  • Cleanser: Cleans clogged pores and eliminates dirt and grime.
  • Face Scrub: Removes dead skin and blackheads.
  • Massage Cream: Restores moisture and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Face Pack: Moisturizes, tightens skin and closes pores.
  • Serum: Anti-wrinkle ingredients rejuvenate skin.

The Face Scrub is a really lovely product. It’s brilliant for congested skin. It is great as a deep cleansing weekly treatment.

I used the Massage Cream after removing the scrub and then layered up the other moisturization products for the facial. Be careful with this because it’s not a runny cream. It can be quite thick, which I don’t mind.

I loved using the Face Pack. It’s super luxurious and very effective at moisturizing the skin and tightening it. I followed it with the Serum.

Olivia Professional Gold Facial Kit is available for Rs. 100. Find it on Amazon.

*PR Sample