One Stop Bling – Colorbar’s Bejewelled

Colorbar Metallic Nail Lacquer Bejewelled

There is something about sporting metallic talons that just makes me feel glamourous, you know? Simple, elegant, chic, but with a touch of ladylikeness about it. Being a nude lover, I don’t have too many polishes to reach for when this mood takes over, so it’s Colorbar’s Bejewelled or nothin’. But I’m OK with that as Bejewelled is fast climbing my Colorbar chart…

Cherry pink, describes Bejewelled perfectly – not too orange or blue toned, just a straight up bold and bright classic pink. I like to wear it with short and square nails; there can be something a little ‘Grandma’ about rocking it with long talons, so I save it for my stumpy days. Colour aside, the best thing I have found about this polish was discovered one rushed morning when my nails looked pretty darn dull and I had a swanky event to go to in the evening – I lacquered on one coat of this, ran out the door and crossed my fingers (careful not to smudge). And to my delight I made the right choice, just one layer of Bejewelled does the job. On closer inspection it could do with the extra coat, but let’s just say this quick morning mini mani has happened on more than one occasion.

You can pick up Colorbar’s Bejewelled in Lifestyle and Pantaloons for Rs.250. It may not be the most unique colour of them all but it’s the formula that grabs me – one stop bling? Yes please.