OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Get ready for vampy awesomeness cause I’m cracking out a hottie and it’s bloody perfection – the epitome of ‘gorgeous’. I’m usually a neutral lass when it comes to nails, Colorbar’s Baby or L’Oreal Paris’ Beige Suit are regular frequenters on my nails but last week I had a sudden urge to lacquer on some burgundy. Perhaps the sun had gone to my head. But whatever the reason I was a woman on a mission so I went on purplle.com and picked up the most outrageous burgundy they had, which just so turned out to be OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney.

Part of OPI’s ‘India’ collection for Spring 2008, which is stunning by the way – OPI can do no wrong in my eyes, Black Cherry Chutney hits it up as a dark burgundy with a cream finish. Although it did take 2 careful layers to build up the colour, I only used 1 coat on my toes and they look fine, just me being a streaky-free OCD. I painted them on Sunday and looking down at my nails four days later I only have a slight chip on my pointy finger. If it can last till tomorrow I may have to start dubbing OPI ‘The One Week Mani’, it always lasts so well on me. My favourite thing about this shade is pairing it with a load of rings with hints of turquoise – Spring hippy nail perfection!

Now unfortunately this isn’t going to be a shade you’ll be able to pick up in Lifestyle or Pantaloons as OPI isn’t available everywhere. But you can pick it up from purplle.com. Any of you guys going crazy for burgundy this season?