Orange is the New Black

Oh well hello there cliched post title. I just couldn’t help myself. But by the powers of deduction, cheesy title and the picture above you’ve no doubt concluded that there’s a theme running through today’s edit. Orange. Yep I’ve combed through my drawers for the best of the block colour that looks good on everyone. Ready for your lips and tips to be tangoed?

BeYu Cashmere Lip Colour Matte in Red Lobster*. Now this isn’t strictly a full-on orange, but c’mon – you knew I’d squeeze some kind of red-tinged orange in there somewhere didn’t you?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Persimmon. A quick search for these on the Internet leads to an article deeming these the ‘Best Product Ever’ and this little tube of lipstick has become a bit of a favourite. It deposits a lot of colour to the lips and is extremely worth it for its colour delivery in function, so I like it.

Faces Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Apricot Orange. I do a love a good orange on the nails and I can’t fault this one. A straight-up shade that layers on well, has an above average chip-free wear and looks nice and shiny on finish. In particular I find this shade to look awesome on the toes.

*PR Sample