Having been quiet on the skincare front for a while I thought it was about time I dropped in for a complexion-centric show-and-tell. So here’s the deal. With the cooler weather creeping in things have got a little dry concerning face-wise, a bit redder and it’s not all that great. I’m not painting the best picture here am I? But, there are a few products that I’ve successfully slotted into my routine that seem to be doing the trick from some debut brands to my line-up. I’ll fill you in…

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Glamorous Block Heeled Sandals

Ladies and gents, the ‘throw on with anything, pretty comfortable, grab and go’ sandal void in my wardrobe has been filled. By the Glamorous Block Heeled Sandals with Tie-Up to be precise. There was a position vacant for a sandal with some levels of handsomeness but with a kinder to my toes nature and that’s where the Glamorous sandals come in. They are sort of like a chic Mary Jane sandal (never thought that would be a phrase I typed), with a block heel construction and a tie-up detail – I do love a good tie-up detail, I do. The heel is the perfect size for long wear; enough for a bit of elevation without being too demanding on the pads of your feet. Plus, they look fab with jeans or paired with tights, though I envision them at their best with bare legs and a nice little tunic in the summer.

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Deborah Milano Nail Polish in 54 Amaranth

MyGlamm Two of Your Kind Nail Enamel Duo in True Blue and Confetti

Kiko Milano Smart Nail Lacquer in 02 Satin Light Beige

Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer in Green Haze

Faces Hi-Shine Nail Enamel in Molten Rust

A ‘Winter Beauty Edit’ is in the works, but while you pace impatiently for that I thought this weekend I’d share my favourite mani shades that are top of my pile right now. The pastel hues of summer have long been gone on my tips and for the past few weeks the following five have been on repeat – along with a handful of others that deserve dedicated blog posts of their own. Keep an eye out for those. Any guesses? But I do love a dark nail. Toe or finger? Heck I lacquer up both with the stuff. So here’s my serving of my winter mani must-haves:

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WiseShe Oval Brush

If you haven’t seen or heard about oval brushes you must have been under a rock! They blew up on Instagram and have been highly coveted after ever since, but ‘that’ infamous brand came with a fairly hefty price tag. I was intrigued and as more dupe type brushes were released I really wanted to know what the hype was about so I jumped at the chance to test Anamika Sureka’s new venture of WiseShe Oval Brushes, and she kindly sent me the face brush*.

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Olivia Instant Waterproof Make-Up Stick Foundation

Lakme 9to5 Primer+Matte Powder Foundation

Innisfree Long Wear Cover Cushion Foundation

Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick Foundation

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation

To run alongside my ‘Which Compact Foundation?’ post, it’s only fair that I give all foundations the same treatment. It’s an often-asked question – ‘What foundation would you recommend for *insert skin type/budget/friend’s name here*’ – so today I’m running through the top five that have survived the test of time in my stash and between them have every eventuality covered. Spanning the coverage spectrum, all price brackets and complexion concerns I think I’ve got just the ticket for you if you want a foundation pick…

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Kama Lavanya Natural Plant Mask

Kama Ayurveda. A brand I don’t have to be in any particular need to buy from, it always hits the spot. Authentic Ayurvedic, I’ve often touted it as my favourite skincare brand ever (a claim I still stand behind) and it is in fact only one of two brands that I repurchase from (Forest Essentials being the other). So when I spotted the mask it took about a nanosecond to travel from shelf to basket. With promises of nourishing, deep cleansing and purifying skin, I’ve put it to the test over the past week. So how did it fare?

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You know me by now – I love a good beauty blog. Up in there in my list of my favourite activities along with eating, sleeping, completing my skincare routine, watching Modern Family etc etc is having a bit of one-on-one time with my laptop and gorging on a hefty serving from my blogger feed. So this weekend I thought I’d share 10 of my best beauty reads that I don’t really feel ready to complete my day until I’ve got my daily dose from. Get comfy, set a few hours aside and get ready to peruse…

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