Pretty Pouches

Who doesn’t love a pretty pouch? Zipped up and just waiting to be stuffed to the seams with makeup goodies. I think beauty bags are perhaps the only items in my possession that rival my foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB Cream collection, I actually own a bag of bags, anyone else have that? Today I’m breaking it down and intro-ing you to 3 favourites; some new, some old faces. Or if you’re stuck for gift-inspo for any of the women in your life, these may be worth pondering a purchase of…

Can we just discuss the complete and utter fabulousness that is the Nykaa Makeup Pouch? You’ve probably seen my mint green pouch more than a fair few times on G&M, but it’s looking a bit battered now so when I received this as a freebie in my birthday month I thought it was about time to upgrade to this stunner of a sack. A millennial pink material fashioned into a soft zip-up rose gold adorned bag; so lovely in fact I sometimes choose to sport it as a clutch too.

The most Adarsh Balak-like of them all is this mustard coloured one from Green Party. A PU product (nice and easy to wash if you need to), so roomy I can often fit a whole weekend’s worth of makeup in there. Pretty and practical.

My final choice is unfortunately now a bit difficult to source given its current ‘out of stock’ situation on the website, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway in a ‘see it, then grab it’ warning type way. A lipstick quote emblazoned black bag that arrived as part of the NYX makeup order, I instantly fell in love. Now this isn’t particularly roomy but I can fit an au naturale face kit in it and c’mon it’s a cutie. Pretty pouch lovers – you hear me?