Real Techniques Brushes Review

Up until a month ago, I would have fully said that I was a MAC and Sigma girl when it came to makeup brushes. I used the Sigma F80 for my foundation, the MAC 224 for concealer, the MAC 109 for contouring, MAC 187 for blush, MAC 188 for highlight and the MAC 150 brush for powder which I’ve had for two years and it’s still going strong! That was until I went a bit crazy about a month ago now. I treated myself to two of the three Real Technique kits that are available. Currently my Real Techniques collection stands at the Setting Brush, the Fine Liner Brush, Core Collection and the Travel Essentials Set and although I may own the two sets there are just six that I reach for on a daily basis..

The Contour Brush from the Core Collection, does exactly what it says on the tin. Although I find it a little too thin for contouring everyday, it’s great if you have a little more time to do some blending. I’ve actually found this to work really well to set my concealer. Now where do I even start with this next brush? The Buffing Brush from the Core Collection set is my favourite out of the bunch! I use this to buff in my foundation of choice every morning and it is seriously amaze; it blends it all in so quickly and feels so soft on the skin – it’s worth getting the Core Collection just for this. The Multi-Task Brush from the Travel Essentials Set, is the brush I use to apply my blusher every morning, although it’s also great for bronzer and powder too. Another brush that is good for foundation, but it takes a little more work is the Pointed Foundation Brush which is from the Core Collection. I swore it was the only one for me when it came to foundation, that was until I used the Buffing Brush! I now use this brush for cream blush and it works a treat. I don’t wear eyeliner everyday, but when I do the Fine Liner Brush, which is sold separately packs on colour and has very firm bristles to do the outer flick. Another brush sold separately which is marketed as suitable for powder is the Setting Brush, but I find works best for blending in my Almay Line Smoothing Concealer.

Most importantly all the Real Techniques brushes are made out of Taklon bristles which are synthetic, so the brushes are 100% cruelty-free. They wash well, and I find they dry much quicker than my MAC or Sigma brushes (the F80 takes years to dry out!). The only other problem I have with the Real Techniques line is that I wish they were all sold separately. At the moment some are sold on their own and others in sets, and out of the two sets that I have there are only one or two brushes from each that I actually use.

If you were to buy the two sets and the setting brush & the fine liner brush together, it would take you back about $50, but do I think it’s worth that? Definitely, yes! Like I said these are brushes that I reach for everyday, the only brush that I reach for a lot that isn’t Real Techniques is the MAC 109 for the odd bit of contouring here and there.