Revlon Casino Lights

Revlon Casino Lights2

I’ve been stuck in a nail colour rut recently. OK, I’ve been experimenting with nail wraps and you know I have a penchant for sheer nudes; I’ve even indulged in a one-coat blobbed on in the back of a cab mani (which actually went surprisingly well), but I just hadn’t found ‘the one’, you know? A punch of colour that has you looking down every five minutes in a ‘new shoes‘ kind of way. Well I’ve found it. After a rummage around in the lacquer stocks I found this polish I purchased as a souvenir, a whole five months ago that hadn’t even been slicked on once. Criminal, I know. Ladies and Gents, Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy longwear polish in Casino Lights

It’s bold, brash and most certainly doesn’t fit into the creamy pastel stereotypes that are usually rocked out at this time of year. A bright yellow released by Revlon as part of last summer’s range and now a permanent fixture in their Colorstay line-up. It stripes on nicely, builds well in two coats and dries to a glass-like finish. However this shade rings true with the frequent moaning of beauty buffs regrading Revlon’s highly chip-able formulas. Two hours of wear and dents at the tips already began to occur. I found that daily mani SOS sessions with a dab of Casino Lights on the ends, sealed in with some top coat became a nightly routine. Formula? Hell no. Colour? Hell yes. I’m awaiting with a pen in hand to note dupes.

Rut well and truly clambered out of; who knew all along that all I needed was a fingertip pop of unseasonable yellow? Any excuse for Casino Lights, eh.