Richfeel Skincare

‘More skincare?’, I hear you collectively sigh. Yes more. As if I don’t have enough cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, eye cream, face mask, treatment options already. But you see there were 3 reasons that when summed led to me to say yes to the Richfeel Skin Whitening Facial Kit*.

The Backstory – started in 1986 by a pioneering doctor couple – India’s First Certified Trichologists and Beauty Physicians. The whole trichology + beauty thing is a bit of a pipe dream for myself so when reading up on Richfeel I did start to have an attack of the heart-eyed emojis.

I’m a Sucker for a Facial Kit – mini try-mes are just the way to go when it comes to sampling skincare (especially those on the more pricey side). Long enough for you to save a few months use to see if it does the job but leaving you a little more padded in wallet. Stars come to the forefront – Vichy Eau Thermal – and those that don’t wow, don’t waste your repurchasing pennies on. Right now the scrub is the front runner.

The Line is Large – I quite like it when a brand puts a large but perfectly formed range out there. It’s quite ballsy in a way. After using the products exclusively in my evening routine for the past few weeks, so far so good.

Rs.1399 from Richfeel. I’ll keep you posted on this one…

*PR Sample